Monday, December 2, 2013

I've been neglecting the here's what I'm doing right now...

DIGGING: Wood burning and etching, and I want to everything I own that's wood.

DRINKING: Apple Cider, and it's delicious.

EATING: Nothing.

LISTENING: Justing Timberlake's new album. Can't fight it, I love him.

WEARING: Track pants and my new $7 fleece pullover from Old Navy.

READING: I just finished the Divergent series.

FEELING: Excited about a few things I'm currently working on.

WEATHER: It's pretty clear, looks sunny, but I'm pretty sure it's cold outside.

WANTING: My hair to be long again. But I know when it's long again, I'll want it short again.

NEEDING: To repaint my toenails.

WISHING: I had a french bulldog.

THINKING: I should probably shower...

ENJOYING: The holidays coming fast!

LOVING: My fuzzy socks.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween for us was simple but perfect. We carved pumpkins Sunday night at the Wallace house. Karissa carved a Pokemon, Joshua carved an Apple logo, Nathan carved Harry Potter and I carved Voldemort. Lenise cooked our pumpkin seeds. We laughed and talked and goofed off. It was really fun. Then on Halloween, our church building had a Trunk or Treat. We dressed our car up as a shark, Nathan was a surfer and I was a lifeguard. We also dressed up Bella as a hotdog. The kids LOVED Bella's costume. I was a little sad because Bella's costume took 5 minutes and we spent over an hour on our car. Mostly because it was breezy and our fin and teeth kept blowing everywhere. But it was still so fun to watch the little kids get excited to pet the dog, and realize our car was a shark. Here are some photos from our Halloween. 

I just wanted to share my family photos. We were all together when Zachary got home from his mission. It had been several years when that last happened, our family now has 27! Holy cow. We used the couch that was part of the decor at my wedding reception, so it was fun to use it again. We used a tripod for part, and I took the rest. It was crazy, but I think they turned out great! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

I made this for you! It's 8x10 and perfect for this glorious weather. Enjoy!

Download it by clicking here! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Guys...have I got a deal for you! Remember how I work for Northridge Publishing? Let me tell you just refresh your memory...

They digitally publish scrapbooking and crafting magazines. They are beautifully photographed and designed. And the REALLY cool part is that their readers submit the projects that they feature! (And if your project gets chosen for a magazine, you get giftcards or product for MORE crafting! If you're interested in this...then click HERE!)

BUT what this post is really about... I have a couple of coupons for my friends and family (which is you) that can help you get some crafty goodness at your fingertips!

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Here we go...

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Where to even begin...

A lot has happened since I last made an appearance on here. We're no longer in Utah, remember this post? Yeah, well that was a lie. :)

There was a lot of prayer, pondering and discussion regarding our move back to Washington. But everything has fallen into place, and we've made it.

To make a long story short, we were able to find new renters, get accepted and transferred to a new school, and keep our jobs within two weeks of deciding to move.

I am now working from home for Northridge Publishing. They recently went completely digital, and I am now designing two of their magazines and doing their email and affiliate marketing. I really enjoy it, and hope I can do it for a long time. I'm still getting used to working at home. Sometimes I get distracted...especially since MY LITTLE BROTHER CAME HOME FROM HIS MISSION!! (that's another post in itself)

Nathan also gets to continue working for EdGenuity. He's basically an online science tutor. His title is actually Concept Coach. He wakes up early and works 5am-1pm. He likes working at home, because he can lie on the couch and snooze between chats. :)

The rest of this post will just be photos from the last several weeks.

Erin, Forrest and Lilly stopped by on their way to WA

I cut my hair

Tried powdered peanut butter and LOVE it!

Landscapers FINALLY came. Just in time for us to leave.

Had a wonderful visit with Lenise

Tanner & Jaylen got married!!!

Got a Red Wonder from Waffle Love

Got to go to CA for Layton & Meredith's wedding

Meredith & Layton got married!

Nathan met a hottie 
Went to the Santa Cruz Pier

Rode the Big Dipper

Brought a bouquet all the way back to UT. 

Got to meet Pres. Dickerson from Nathan's MTC


This sweet girl turned ONE!

Our fish sat up front of the truck with us

Treat bag from Elliott's birthday party

hey Oregon.

hey Washington

The Sant House

The Wallace House

My work desk is all set up

Put my signs into storage

Still trying to comprehend what just happened...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Over the 4th of July weekend, we took a trip to St. George. Our friends, Luke & Tamee blest their sweet baby boy Oliver. They asked Nathan to participate in the blessing, so we decided to make a trip of it and left Orem, Friday morning! Holy cow. So much fun. It has been awhile since I've really been able to relax. Since the latest website at work has launched, I have not had a day off. (yes even weekends.) Luckily I can do it from home. But I was able to get things ahead of time, and taught someone else how to finish up. So I was completely free!! So it was glorious! And just a's full of food. All local restaurants, it was so fun!

We rolled into town Friday afternoon and checked into our hotel. This is an awesome story in itself. We booked it online. Very basic, single queen room, $33 bucks a night. We just KNEW it was going to be nasty nast. But we were VERY pleasantly surprised. We checked in, got our key and went in. Oh hey...thanks for the king bed, jacuzzi tub, fridge and microwave. What?? And still only $33 a night. Score. We were meeting Nikelle for dinner, so we decided we'd hit up the DI. Just it case it was better than the one in Provo. Unluckily it wasn't..but we got there Nikelle was walking out. WHAT! That was happy, she had a few more errands to run. So we met up with her later and ate dinner at Mad Pita. We decided we'd go on a little hike the next morning...which also happened to be her birthday!

After dinner we explored downtown St. George. It is just the cutest! We rode the carousal in the park, which was really, really fun. And funny story. We were the only ones that were on it. We gave our dollar to the sweet old lady running it, and climbed on the horses. Then we had a little freak out moment...what if our horses didn't go up and down? But the lady was already doing her little talk in the microphone, so we couldn't ask. (by the way, we were literally 5 ft from her..she still talked in the microphone.) Then she asked if we ready. We asked if we were on the horses that went up and down. She said yes. We calmed down. Then it started. I can't remember the last time I rode one, but it was awesome, and I felt like we were racing.

After the carousal, we went to the beautiful St. George temple. The sun was setting, and I wish I had brought my real camera, I only had my phone. But I was still able to (kind of) capture how pretty it was.

After the carousal, we went to the beautiful St. George temple. The sun was setting, and I wish I had brought my real camera, I only had my phone. But I was still able to (kind of) capture how pretty it was. After the temple, we went to Swig. Our life has forever been changed. If you are ever NEAR St. George..go to Swig. We're not big soda drinkers, and we still loved it. Get a Dirty Dr. Pepper and a sugar cookie...or 14. The Dirty Dr. Pepper is just Dr. Pepper with coconut flavoring in it. It's delish. And the sugar cookies? Um....I don't want to talk about it. I'll be sad that I'm not there to get one.

Saturday morning we were up early and went on a little hike with Nikelle. The area surrounding St. George is gorgeous! Here's some of what we saw!


Keeps us on the trail.

It was 9am and 90 degrees. (luckily there was a breeze)
Happy Birthday Nikelle!

A wild Nathan in his natural habitat

That rock is happy to see us!

He looks like a giant..because the rock he's standing on looks like it's attached to the ones on the right. 

It's sunny. 

Thanks Nikelle for teaching us about this area! Oh, and I got bit by an ant..or something stuck in my shoe. After our hike, we showered then went to lunch at Irmita's, which is a outdoor mexican place. I got a veggie quesadilla, yummy! I don't remember what Nathan got...but mine was better. :) After lunch, we went took a nap. It's hard having fun! After lunch we walked around downtown and looked in a few antique shops. Our favorite was Urban Renewal, so fun.

After shopping, we went to Sand Hollow. It's a big reservoir, which had REALLY blue water. What a pretty contrast to the red rock. We swam out the the little island, explored, swam back, then laid on the red sand. Really relaxing...hopefully my pasty white skin got some color.

How pretty?

my white legs..

Our faces got a little pink.
 After Sand Hollow, we had dinner and headed back to the hotel..but not before stopping at Swig for another Dirty Dr. Pepper and some sugar cookies. (We got 4 for our neighbors.) We took a quick swim in the pool, and went to bed.

Sunday morning at 9 was the baby blessing. Luke & Tamee had almost all their family there with them. It was really cool. They have a very big, and very loving family. The blessing was perfect, and I'm so happy we were able to be there for it. We wanted to stay for their luncheon, but they weren't starting until 4:30, so we took off after church.

Thanks St. George for the fun times...and the extra 32983482 pounds. :)

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