Friday, November 25, 2016

I really don't enjoy his current schedule. Luckily, it's not as bad as it could be. He's scheduled several days in a row, has a couple off, then another few...THEN usually 5-7 days off. So it basically ends up feeling like a week on, then a week off. When he's on, it's not very fun. But when he's off, it's awesome! He leaves for work around 6:15pm, and when he gets home around 7:45-8:00am. His shift is 7:00pm - 7:30am. He goes in a little earlier to get patient info before his shift starts. Then he comes home after report in the morning.

So he's getting home from work when I'm waking up in the morning. He takes a shower, we eat breakfast together, then he goes to sleep until around 5pm. We have a little bit of time together, we eat dinner, pack a lunch and then he goes to work.

I really don't enjoy being home alone, especially when it's dark, and lucky for gets dark around 4:30 now. haha. I don't sleep very well being pregnant, and then when Nathan's gone, I don't sleep well anyways. So often times when he's sleeping during the day, I climb in bed too and take a nap. And lucky for Ruby, she gets someone to sleep with her night AND day.

Lately the nights that Nathan works, I am binge watching Gilmore girls and researching baby things.

For Halloween we went to our wards Harvest Party. We invited Jess, Bo and their daughter Lucy. It was a chili and cinnamon roll competition. I made chili and Nathan made cinnamon rolls. We didn't win, but I liked ours best. After dinner, the primary put on a carnival for the kids, then there was a trunk or treat.

Halloween night we carved pumpkins. We gave ourselves 20 minutes and no drawing on the pumpkin, or stencils. It was actually really fun, and only took 15 minutes. :) Nathan went to work that night, so I vegged out on candy and watched Gilmore girls.

We also went to a Halloween thing that the city put on. There were TONS of people. They had games for the kids, and you could trick or treat around the parkway. But there were so many people, that it was basically just a super long, really slow line, and everyone ran out of candy because the turn out was so much bigger than expected. haha. But we got to wear our costumes...Ruby too.

Halloween is definitely not my favorite holiday. But I did enjoy the candy more than usual this year. ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Nikelle threw a wonderful baby shower for Baby Boy Wallace. I felt so very loved and blessed. Here's a few pictures from it....

Our parents got us a carseat, and it was shipped straight to our place. It was exciting opening the box, and trying to figure out how to use it. I love the color!

We also took things all over town to exchange for bigger sizes. It was actually pretty fun, and now we have a wider range of clothes sizes. I washed most of everything, and we organized them into bins that fit under our bed. 

We also finished reorganizing our bedroom/used to be office, now nursery. 

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