Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little Things

Slowly our apartment is starting to feel more like home. Here are a few photos of little things we've done.

painted our bedroom wall

put up a vinyl saying

put up our gallery wall

sold our loveseat for $150. (we got both couches for $125. SCORE!)

sold our two little bookshelves, and bought a big one and put it together.

babysat kittens (they are gone now)
It's coming along. Yesterday we started to store things under the stairs. So we went through everything in the other room, and put things in the under the stairs storage. Little by little we are making progress.

Oh, and we saw Batman last night for FHE. I gotta say, I actually enjoyed it. And I cried...twice. What the heck!


  1. You liked Batman?! Yes! I'm so glad! Your place is looking adorable, I love it.

  2. Love love love. Miss you guys. I was soooo sad to miss graduation because of driving to Pocatello for my exam. Your place is so cute. Love you guys!



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