Sunday, October 2, 2016


He did it! Nathan graduated from the nursing program! We are both so relieved and proud of his hard work! We had family come to celebrate with us. Nathan's dad, stepmom and siblings flew up from California. His grandparents flew up from Utah. And my sister came from Seattle. We also had all our family that already lived in town come too! Friday night was the general graduation from Columbia Basin College. Then Saturday afternoon was the separate nursing pinning ceremony. 

It was so exciting to see Nathan get pinned along with the friends that he had made along the way. After the ceremony, we headed back to my parents house, where we had set up the backyard for a taco bar! 

3 out of the 7 boys in his class. 

They all decorated their caps. This was Nathan's.

His scrubs, and his grad gown. (and honor tassels)

The backyard

Some of the goods. 



A few weeks after he graduated. Nathan and I travelled up to Spokane for him to take the NCLEX. We went a day early and spent the day exploring downtown. Then we had a pre-celebration dinner at The Melting Pot. The hotel we stayed in was literally in the same parking lot as the testing center. So he woke up and went and took his test. (He found out 2 days later he passed!!) After the test we went and did floating. Which is super awesome, and really relaxing. (learn more about it here)

Erin got his a stethoscope name tag for graduation. He now can officially use it!

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